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Can I Mix Vegetables On hCG Diet?

Mixing Vegetables While On hCG Diet

I have been using a vegetables hCG diet mix completely different then those recommended and also varied to please my tastes and making the hCG sublingual diet more bearable.

As far as I have experimented results remain as long as you keep your daily calories intake equal or not higher then 500 calories per day.

Let me tell you that before arriving to this decision of using vegetables hCG diet, I read hundredths of different reports concerning the hCG diet recipes and Dr. Simeons "pounds and inches" manuscript of the hCG diet protocol.

What I have found is - based and fundamentally on my own personal results - is that nothing can be just fix in this world - and you can makes changes to suit your vegetables hCG diet needs.

I have done vegetable mix with fish. Also, the last one I did was shrimp soup with vegetable mix and still worked under the 500 calories day plan.

You may want to download the HCG vegetables food list inventory to start with HCG Phase 1 get it here!

Mixing whatever vegetables on hCG diet...It tasted so good!

It is much better doing oral hCG sublingual diet then hCG injections. You can have your mix of vegetables with no problem to strictly diets.

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Yes! You Can Mix Vegetables On hCG Diet! But...

Keep your vegetables hCG diet mix calories count! Per example: Spinach have 7 calories per ounce, beet-greens 6 calories per ounce. and tomatoes 5 calories per ounce.

Consider the 2 foods per day. Let's say that for lunch you will take chicken meat, right. Then 6 ounces of chicken meat would have 186 calories.

For dinner, you will take any red meat. 3-1/2 ounces of red meat would make 130 calories more for your daily intake.

Adding both, you already would have a total 316 calories per the whole 500 calories per day on your vegetables hCG diet.

Benefits Of Vegetable Mix On 500 VLCD hCG Diet

What's next to do on vegetable mix hCG diet? The 500 total calories per the day minus 316 equals to 184 calories remaining.

Then you will leave half of this (92) for lunch and the other half (92) for dinner.

You will break the 92 calories between the 3 vegetables of you interest. This will give you about 31 calories to each vegetable for your mixing vegetables per food time.

31 calories of any one, let's say spinach which have 6 calories it will, applying simple mathematics give you about 5 to 5 1/2 ounces for the vegetable mix.

31 calories with beet-greens which have 6 calories per ounce will come to about the same for the vegetable mix.

But 31 calories with tomatoes which have only 5 calories per the ounce will give you about 6 ounces of tomatoes for for the vegetable mix.

If you add lime drops, you will probably summed up to exactly the 92 calories you want to fill.

Has it's been said, then you have 3 vegetables mix you are interested to have with each food.

Your Benefit: While still losing weight...Please your taste with mixing vegetables on hCG diet!

vegetables mix hcg diet

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Waist reduced from 44 to 41 - 3 inches down in 8 days mixing vegetables!

Just Balance The Vegetables Mix On hCG Diet!

There are things you can try at your own risk. Why not?If you see deviation on your weight loss average per day you still have opportunity to get back and un-do the wrongs.

It is just to me it seems too tight several instructions. This is my personal experience anyhow and nobody is paying me to worry about final results.

So far, I have seen same results on losing weight with almost no effects over my daily weight loss average and still going toward my goal of "dream body for life."

The idea is to keep the balance as closer as you think to real numbers.

Manage Your hCG Vegetables Mix On hCG Diet!

We are human and fortunately - no one is alike to each other - and we deserve to try things out of brain.

Research is statistical applications on multiple groups behavior and result are statistical evaluations percentages. We are not a mathematical fixed figure.

Feel confident to apply your unique variations to this vegetables mix and mix the vegetables as long as they are not the same in dinner and in lunch.

I have done it and my weight loss average still remain. Doing something like this with vegetable mixing at my own risk.

My recommendation, manage the numbers closely. I still loss 16 pounds after the 11th. day on the hCG weight loss diet doing my own mix vegetables hCG diet.

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