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Proper Dosage of Drops in HCG Diet

HCG Liquid Diet Drops To Dr. Simeons Protocol

HCG diet drops are to be taken with the sublingual HCG phase 1 diet of the modified Dr. Simeons HCG diet protocol for weight loss.

The HCG drops of the mixture are taken during a 21 days diet journey. You will take 4 drops or its equivalent 0.22 cc on the dropper mark, and place it under your tongue.

You will be doing this on a daily basis. Early morning when you wake up and at bed time. The HCG drops dissipate in less than 5 minutes and by its powerful absorption, the drops are distributed evenly all over your body.

If you continue doing the proper dosage of drops in the HCG diet as described, and at the same time you continue with the 500 very low calories diet daily food consumption, you may expect a drop in your weight loss and fat burn on 1 to 3 pounds per day average.

The most important thing for the success of this modified HCG diet protocol is to follow the diet guidelines strictly. With this subject in mind, this process become relatively simple and you will do the whole HCG diet in 2 phases of 21 days each. Yes, HCG diet drops protocol is very simple!

hcg diet drops

HCG Liquid Drops Burn Fat and Reduce Weight

The HCG liquid drops are so powerful that surely after the second day you will see results. Quickly works on reducing weight and in burning fat.

Eventually, when you look to your figure or silhouette in the mirror you get that emotional feeling of seeing "pounds and inches" coming down, exactly as described within the manuscript by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons.

Many people ask where the fat goes. I can tell you that this does not matter if the numbers on the scale are getting lower every day.

But what happens is, the fat containing cells are breaking down by the liquid HCG drops. But the content of each cell - vitamins and minerals - are reabsorbed by your body as vital nutrients.

That is the main reason we don't loss muscle mass at all when we are subject to this HCG diet drops, even with minimal protein consumption.

hcg liquid drops

HCG Diet Drops Kit

How to get this HCG diet drops? When you place your order, they all come together in a HCG kit pack. You will get the serum AE-27 serum mix - an enriched liquid drops with herbs, vitamins and minerals - together with the HCG powder Pregnyl 1500 iu (Uni Zy) and the dropper.

One of the most important advantage of this HCG liquid drops diet is that you also receive a HCG diet recipes book. This HCG book contains samples 100 plus samples recipes.

It is relatively easy then to continue the HCG diet protocol when you have to worry only in food preparation and in cooking. Everything you need comes within the HCG book content.

body for life

How To Buld A New Body or Silhoutte For Life

If you are to change your body figure or body silhouette by shedding those extra pounds which are bothering you, nothing better to do a diet with all the instructions.

Take your time to read the many weight loss testimonials hereby provided. All those testimonials are precisely from normal people of all type of life activities who accomplished whether HCG phase 1 or HCG maintenance phase 2.

So, don't forget. The whole process to shed body fat and reduce weight is only 21 days. But to maintain it and keep your weight of forever and to build a new figure for life it takes another 21 days.

Think about, you have 5 to 10 days in advance to prepare yourself reading HCG testimonials and basic procedures to accomplish this amazing HCG liquid drops diet and to start HCG on your own.

If you feel are ready to start HCG liquid drops diet you may go ahead and request your HCG diet drops. Your product will be shipped same day you order. You may expect your HCG diet arriving to your door in the next 5 to 10 days. 15 to 20 days to international destinations!

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