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Find here the hCG diet products basically required to complete the whole oral hCG sublingual diet program for rapid weight loss and fat burn.

These are the hCG diet products designed to help you gradually lose 1 to 3 pounds per day as it happened to many customers while using the hCG supplements.

This website is all you need to get rid of your obesity related problem and continue the body building diet to construct - with hCG supplementation - your new figure you've been dreaming to have forever.

1.- hCG Oral Sublingual Formula AE-27
Or Phase 1 For hCG Mixing

This is the hCG sublingual AE-27 proprietary hCG diet products mixing formula for hCG powder to build the Sublingual Serum for Phase 1.

The hCG sublingual serum is to be mix with the hCG - human chorionic gonadotropin.

This hCG supplement AE-27 once mixed with the human chorionic gonadotropin is to be used on the hCG oral sublingual diet program by applying a few drops under your tongue.

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The phase 1 HCG product includes the HCG phase 1 serum mix and the HCG powder all together. Now you can buy hCG online easily. It is recommended to start with HCG diet phase 1 by filling out the medical form (A new window will open!)

Please, proceed to ordering your hCG phase 1 diet supplements clicking the Add to cart button on the next window.

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hCG Serum AE-27 Price

2.- hCG Maintenance Formula
or Phase 2 Maintenance

This is the hCG diet products for phase 2 maintenance or hCG maintenance diet that should be taken immediately after the oral hCG sublingual phase 1 of 21 days is finished.

It is also called hCG diet phase 2 of the whole hCG weight loss diet treatment program and consists of another period of 21 days or 3 weeks.

These body building supplements included within the hCG maintenance kit diet are designed to finally resetting your hypothalamus. The hardest part of the diet program and where most dieters fail!

It will take 3 weeks before the weight you reached at the end of oral hCG sublingual diet phase 1 to become stable.

hcg diet phase 2, hcg maintenance diet

HCG Maintenance Phase 2

3.- Whole hCG Weight Loss Program Formula

To more savings in shipping and handling costs we have put together the whole weight loss program.

The whole weight loss program include:

  1. The hCG phase 1 oral sublingual mix formula AE-27.
  2. The "HCG Diet Recipes Book" and,
  3. The hCG maintenance formula with herbs, vitamins and minerals.

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Save on Shipping

4.- The "hCG Diet Recipes Book"

hcg diet recipes book

hCG Diet Recipes Book - $ 19.97

Get Your hCG Diet Recipes Book Now!

You are 45 seconds away from the most amazingly effective hCG weight loss opportunity to save thousands of dollars with the pain-free, easiest way to gradually loss your weight from 1 to 3 pounds per day.

The "hCG Diet Recipes Book" is the first of his kind on hCG recipes for keeping up with the hCG diet protocol phase 1 of the whole weight loss program.

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