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hCG Weight Loss Side Effects

hCG Side Effects To Be Aware

Many hCG side effects are described by people using the hCG diet program and hCG diet maintenance plan.

Most Americans are used to hearing about side effects from prescription drugs. They then have to decide if taking the drug to get rid of one problem is worth getting a different one.

Americans need to realize that prescription drugs are treatments, not cures! Why would anyone want a treatment, when the cure is not only available, it is also natural!

hCG is not a drug, so there are no negative side effects. You cannot overdose on it or be harmed by it in any way.

The only side effects that have ever occurred are weight loss, fat loss, happiness, extra energy, glowing skin, strong nails, etc. None of those are bad at all.

Check out some of these before hCG diet and after 9 days hCG oral diet photos.

hCG oral day 0 and 9 days after hCG oral, side effects may include retaining water while close to menstruation cycle

hCG is naturally produced by the placenta when a woman is pregnant. The fact that the hormone is naturally occurring, however, does not necessarily mean that it is safe to use.

After all, tumors occur naturally within the body as well – and no one wants to have a tumor in his or her body.

If you are considering using hCG to help you with weight loss, one of your concerns will likely be whether or not the hormone is safe to use and what side effects may or may not be involved with hCG diet shots.

hCG Diet Side Effects for Obesity Treatment

Let me tell you that to your goals is where your focus should be. Imagine yourself a few days - let's say 21 days after - once you finish the diet and how your figure contour is going to change.

Anyhow, today we reached up to the 11th. day of the hCG losing weight with minimum side effects diet program. Let us see what Denisse description of hCG oral sublingual program's eleventh day experience is:

In the morning I took my first hCG sublingual serum and I weighted myself as usual. But something unexpected happened, I was 1 pound more.

I weighted myself again and again to make sure I was correct and yes, I increased 1 pound. I immediately called my trainer and nutritionist and asked him why this happened to me.

His explanation was that woman can retain liquids due to hormonal changes in their bodies and maybe is related to my menstrual cycle which is coming soon.

Well, he told me not to worry, keep focus and continue with the oral hCG diet.

Oral hCG Side Effects for Obesity's Instructions

I felt much better after talking with him. At first I thought I did something wrong but then I felt so relief.

With hCG you don't know what to expect, your body is a complicated mechanism that everything you eat or do can affect the results.

In the afternoon I started looking at the pictures, and yes I was shocked with the results so far.

My back looks so nice without rolls. I hated those rolls but I'm so glad they are gone!!!

Today I decide to be positive and yes, the good thing is that today I weight the same as 10 years ago, unbelievable!!!

At night, I relaxed a bit and took my second hCG sublingual dosis. Let's see what happen tomorrow!

hCG Diet Side Effects Success Story Thought

Remember to keep focus and keep yourself positive even when the immediate results are not great but the overall are!

I thought I will never be that weight again. All my clothes are loose. I'm so looking forward to go shopping again once I'm done with hCG diet side effects.

Today Denisse found out she lost 0 pounds. Instead, apparently she gained an extra 1 pound.

Why that could have been? Is there any reason whatsoever? Well, simple explanation, when women are approaching their normal period there is a little hCG weight loss side effects of holding or retaining water within the body.

Obviously, this hCG side effects is something to watch for in the future when you follow your hCG therapy diet for weight loss.

As today is the eleventh day of the hCG therapy program, there were hCG side effects never expected.

Wouldn't you be interested in following this program? Subscribe to the oral sublingual lose weigh hCG program to shape your body contour figure and learn more hCG side effects right now!

11th. Day - April 30, 2009

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