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Every HCG dieters need a place where he can find reliable and proven information on how the HCG diet really works.

As there many different application methods and protocol procedures all of them have at least the same goal of weight loss reduction and burning fat to transform physical bodies in renewed and perfect shapes and profiles.

We have analyzed many dieters groups and supported several dieters forum information and we still see a wide variety of ambiguity in knowledge that really amazed us.

It has been clearly specified within Dr. Simeons "Pounds and Inches" manuscript what the procedure is and we need to follow in order to loss weight the faster way, while at the same time burn fat accordingly.

Reality is, nothing is fix forever. As the day and the night changes continuously the same happens with knowledge, practices and HCG diet experiences.

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Review of HCG Diet Discussions To HCG Serum Mix

It's been more than 50 years ago when Dr. Albert T. Simeons, a British born physician developed his practical and experimental method using the archaic HCG injections which would enable HCG dieters to subsist comfortably on the weight loss journey of 21 days diet, while on 500 very low calorie diet consumption.

I am guessing how difficult it was at his time to this brilliant doctor to develop this wonderful HCG diet procedure which has given millions of people a new life span extended opportunity.

Although the goals are the same our procedure is relatively more simple. In addition is extremely easy to manage and we have worked hard to achieve a way so people get same or better weight loss results but with minimal complications.

So, after many investigations, trials, failures and embarrassments we accomplished and finish to perfection our HCG sublingual protocol that really work wonders on people life.

Our main focus was simplicity. Easy to use and manage. Let me tell what it is and how it works...

HCG Group Weightloss Program

We found out that as long as the HCG hormone is absorbed by the body, spread thoroughly and with the same 500 very low calories restrictions it will function to achieve the same weight loss results and within the same frame period of time.

Our results turned out to be positive along the time and have become a standard by now.

So, by the simple application and placing under your tongue twice a day of 0.22 cc - equivalent to 4 drops on the HCG dropper marker - of the serum mix the weight loss results are to be between 1 to 3 pounds per day of weight or fat loss.

I am glad I came out with this simple formula because since my childhood I was in panic every time my parents had to take me for any type of injection.

And I have a powerful reason regarding my life, my health and my security about why I don't like to make holes on my skin! I find no reasonable reason why human inventors hasn't been able to develop simple solutions "under the tongue" as they have done to little babies.

HCG Dieters Forum Fast Weight Loss Tips

Now our site has turned into an amazing traffic rage roaring for useful and practical information for all HCG dieters who want simplicity and time saving on HCG protocol procedures.

The HCG sublingual serum AE-27 is a mix of vitamins, minerals and natural herbs we developed to be mixed with the HCG powder. Then you will keep it at refrigeration for the time you are going to use it.

The only thing you have to do is to place the 4 drops of the mix under your tongue twice a day. In the morning when you wake up and at night, before bedtime.

If you follow the 500 low calories diet as designed by Dr. Simeons "Pounds and Inches" protocol you will be getting a gradual loss of 1 to 3 pounds per day of weight and fat at the same time.

The weight loss is sometime more sometime less, but the end results are the same. Although results are varied between men, women and even teens the weight loss reduction is a fact.

HCG Dieters Natural Weightloss Supplements

We also found many HCG dieters suffer while trying hard to keep the right diet within the 500 very low calories diet consumption limits required per day.

We came out with a great solution as well. We analyzed and practice cooking many different meals - so different and varied - and evaluated a perfect calorie count on proteins and vegetables to achieve standards.

We accomplish one of the most valuable resources HCG dieters dream to own and keep handy while on Dr. Simeons HCG diet phase 1 protocol.

The 2009 birth of this incredible HCG diet recipes book with 61 pages of descriptive and photos content, includes many different recipes to make your weight loss 21 days diet journey very easy to manage.

All the food proteins and vegetable you need are perfectly accounted for. Including the calories count restriction to every plate.

Every cooking mix of meats and vegetables has been measured in such a way that your only problem to cooking would be getting the right cooking casserole.

I am glad to all HCG dieters request! Your extended visits transformed us in the premier site for HCG diet and weight loss information, including hCG diet recipes and our incredible HCG information providers directory.

HCG dieters results are what matter

HCG Dieters Factor, So...What's Differentiate Our Diet from the Other Diets?

Once you accomplished the HCG diet phase 1 protocol and achieve your dreamed weight loss goals, we also designed a new patented formula for keeping your weigh from coming back against you.

Our amazing HCG phase 2 maintenance diet works wonders. It goes up to your hypothalamus to resetting and re-programing it to the level that will maintain your weight forever.

But you certainly knows that nothing is forever if you don't pay attention to details and check what you should eat and what you shouldn't eat.

When you order the HCG phase 2 maintenance diet it comes together with our state of the art digital book; Clean and Healthy Eating for Life which is the best guideline for all HCG dieters to keep eating nutritionally for the rest of their life.

As you already know, even the old sculptures requires maintenance to keep the nice and beautiful for the rest of the life time.

Your magnificent body too! HCG dieters works hard using sublingual HCG diet which by the way works like Michelangelo sculpturing tools pulling away the wrong placed peaces of fat from your body.

The final product of our HCG sublingual diet is an amazing HCG dieters new figure for life or a new silhouette for life which will stay with you forever as long as you complete the phase 2 maintenance diet.

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