hCG Symptoms

Level of hCG Symptoms in Women

hCG and Symptoms in Women

hCG symptoms especially in women has been reported while on the phase 1 of the hCG for weight loss program.

Apparently, women pass several days with absolute no signs of weight loss showing in the scale even though the program specify 1 to 3 pounds per day.

Important to remember is that there is a great difference between losing weight and losing fat.

It is obvious that the weight loss is measured in pounds and in grams. But the fat? How would you measure it?

Experiences reported by women while on hCG treatment is that while nothing show in the scale it does effectively show in the skin and the contours of their body.

Women are specialists in using the mirror and are the only one who can evidently follow those for other unforeseeable details.

Why This hCG Levels Symptoms?

In women that practice sports, the level of hCG symptoms is varied and all depends of your activity whether high or low.

But usually while on hCG weight loss diet women report that the amount or level of cramping during their menstrual period is almost nil.

In some women blood sugars may go up either mid-cycle with ovulation, or right before the menstrual period, or during the menstrual period.

In other women, there doesn't seem to be any significant variation with the menstrual cycle and the mood and humor do not change.

Some women may have mood changes, such as feeling grumpy, sad, or even wanting to cry.

In other, sometimes the body deal with changes in blood sugar associated with the rise and fall of the hormones made by the ovary during the menstrual cycle.

Additional hCG Levels and Symptoms

To follow up with our Denisse case of hCG symptoms, let's see what news she will tell us during the closing up of the hCG phase 1 of her present weight loss program.

Today I woke up around 9AM and I took my first oral hCG sublingual dosis. I woke up with a lot of energy that I started cleaning my whole house.

I cleaned my fridge and food cabinets and started doing the new list of food for my maintenance program.

I'm very excited because in 2 more days I will be under the maintenance hCG phase 2 diet which includes more food variety.

I weighted myself and I didn't see any weight changes. You may notice that the last few days I have maintained my weight but it is because I'm currently experience my menstruation cycle.

Women are usually more irregular in their weight loss, often not affecting any loss for 2 or 3 days, and then a sudden loss which reestablishes the normal average.

These fluctuations are due to variations in the retention and elimination of water which is more apparent in women than in men due to menstrual cycles.

hCG Levels and Symptoms for Obesity

The recommendation is continuing with the hCG sublingual diet. In the afternoon I prepared a new list of food to buy and some recipes for the maintenance phase 2.

I'm excited with the new phase 2 coming up especially because it has a more variety of food.

In addition, I will intensify my exercise program to more cardio starting next week to stay in the best shape of my life after losing all these body fat.

I took my second oral hCG sublingual dosis at night and went to bed.

hCG Symptoms Success Story Thought

The thought for today is "Once we have learned about the prize, we have to work diligently to keep our eyes focused on it because we could lose sight of it."

So keep focus on your final goals and you will succeed.

The good thing we learn today is that women must be aware about changes on fat not weight loss while in the menstrual period.

Take your time now and subscribe to learn more about what happen to the hCG and level of symptoms in women during monthly period while using the hCG phase 1 weight loss program.

20th. Day - May 9, 2009

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