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hCG News July 29th 2009

Hi Friends,

A message to all members of hCGWeightLossDiets.com - The Easy Way To Lose 1 to 3 Pounds Per Day!

There is a saying that goes "if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is." There is no doubt about it, much of what you read about weight loss products often sound too good to be true.

The Reality is, all of them lack the main ingredient. The real hCG maintenance products of phase 2 to keep your weight off forever and your new slim trim figure for life. That's the reason we are still producing amazing testimonials and outstanding new figures all over the nation.

Don't listen to me...Read what others have said...


Dear Aaron,

I am speechless. My statement of your hCG weight loss program being good is by no means of true validity. Your products are indeed super!!!

I was successful on the last bodybuilding competition. New photos are on the way!

You're truly very professional and thorough. There is no doubt that you genuinely do want to help people succeed. I look forward to our working together. You have been a true blessing. You're like finding a needle in a haystack.

Thanks so much for your support while on your hCG Diet Program. Thanks for answering all questions in a timely matter and keep me focus on the program. I wish you guys all the success that the oral hCG sublingual diets can possibly bring to anyone!


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Here is another testimonial!!!

Dear Aaron,

Just a note to say hello and hope you are doing well. Your products are super!!!

I spent hundreds of dollars trying different diets that didn't work for me. Thanks to your hCG Sublingual products I was able to accomplish the body of my dreams.

In addition I found that hCG helped me with my newly diagnostic disease called "osteoarthritis." After the first week with hCG I lost 7 pounds, and miraculously the pain in my joints disappeared. I used to experience pain in my joints daily, to the point that I was unable to perform my job. I went to different doctors for a solution and none of their medications helped alleviate the pain in my joints.

I really didn't know that hCG was going to help me with my osteoarthritis, but it did. Thanks so much for helping losing the extra pounds and getting rid of my join pain!!!

I am grateful and deeply appreciate the benefits your product brought to my life. Hope you are thriving!



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