hCG Maintenance Diet

hCG Diet Phase 2 for Weight Loss Maintenance

hCG Maintenance Phase 2

This is the hCG maintenance diet that should be taken immediately after the oral hCG sublingual phase 1 of 21 days is finished.

This is the second part of your journey to a fit for life slim and trim figure you always dreamed to have.

It is also called hCG diet phase 2 of the whole hCG weight loss diet treatment program and consist of another period of 21 days or 3 weeks.

These body building supplements included within the hCG maintenance kit diet are designed to finally resetting your hypothalamus.

It will take 3 weeks before the weight you reached at the end of oral hCG sublingual diet phase 1 to become stable.

You should not be losing additional weight during your maintenance phase 2 of the hCG diet.

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hcg maintenance diet

7 Day Diet - Vitamins and Minerals Supplements

hcg diet phase 2, hcg maintenance phase

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hcg diet phase 2

21 Day Diet - Vitamins and Minerals Supplements

hCG Diet Maintenance Products

These basically are the products you will need to accomplish the maintenance diet or what is called the hCG phase 2.

The hCG dieting is a full mix of 4 herbs, vitamins and minerals re-constituents.

These products will help you to not suffering hunger anymore feeding back your body with added extra energy it requires for normal functioning.

During this phase 2 is when your hypothalamus is finally reset to its final point and your stomach gets finally educated.

You will surely stay away from fast food restaurants and fatty food consumption completely.

You should not waste all the effort you have submitted your body to reaching this amazing moment in your life.

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