16 Things About Sublingual HCG Diet

16 Things You've Always Wanted to Know About Sublingual HCG Diet

16 Things You've Always Wanted to Know About Sublingual HCG Diet But Were Afraid to Ask

Here you have the 16 things you've always wanted to know about Sublingual HCG diet but were afraid to ask.

One of the 16 best things people love about Sublingual HCG formula together with with the serum AE-27 for drops under the tongue is, that while using the HCG Diet Recipes book the fear of gaining the weight back is a no worry matter.

This amazing HCG cookbook is a very easy guideline to follow up and include a clear discipline to eat well balanced calories meals every time you need them.

HCG dieters can see the results much faster than with any other type of diets, because when they look in the mirror - which helps mentally to become confident of what they are doing - they can see real, live changes all over their body frame.

Let's take a closer look to the 16 things you've always wanted to know about Sublingual HCG diet but were afraid to ask.

  1. Why a 500 low calories diet?
    When the HCG Sublingual diet formula combined with a very low calorie diet - 500 low calories per day - tricks and reset your brain hypothalamus to liberates from 2000 to 4000 calories per day from the abnormal fat weight stores of your body.

  2. How it works over the hypothalamus?
    The HCG work over the hypothalamus gland, moderating the thyroid, adrenals, fat storage, and your metabolic rate. When taking HCG Sublingual formula it is very important to know that men tend to lose more weight than women.

  3. What it does to the abnormal fat?
    The HCG Sublingual diet targets the abnormal fat – the fat you cannot lose with diet and exercise – and your skin retracts as you lose the fat, improving skin tenderness leaving zero hanging rolls.

  4. What to do during the first 2 days?
    When you start the HCG Sublingual diet on the first 2 days it is recommendable to eat all the fatty foods you want and to eat at full capacity. Having a pint of ice cream every night, eat plenty nuts and avocados and the like.

  5. Early morning drinking?
    Although you can make variations, it is recommendable to have tea or coffee for breakfast and in any quantity throughout the day. Be sure to only use Stevia or natural sweeteners. Drinking a lot of water along the day is absolutely a must!

  6. How to do lunch and dinners?
    For lunch and dinner, solid food consists of 100 grams of either veal, beef, chicken breast, white fish, lobster, crab or shrimp. Be sure to take out all the fat before cooking. You can include other things on the food for taste such as salt, pepper and lemon.

  7. One or more veggies? Mixing or not mixing veggies?
    Although with other formulas you can use one only type of veggie, with our HCG Sublingual modified diet for 2 phases protocol you can mix all the veggies you want- provided calories count are exactly measured -. One Melba toast is allowed but you can change snacks to one fruit such as apple, orange, handful of strawberries, or one-half grapefruit.

  8. Undercover Michelangelo work on your body structure?
    The HCG Sublingual diet will make your body undergo some amazing transformations by losing fat and weight. Your body contour will actually change, decreasing its circumference and reprogramming itself making adjusting to its metabolic weight.

  9. What about body shape and round contours?
    You will see your body contours gradually and on a daily basis changing, giving to your body a new shape. No hanging tissues left over neither cellulite signs.

  10. What about my appetite?
    After you stop receiving the HCG Sublingual treatment you will likely find that your appetite has changed. After the oral Sublingual diet your stomach become used to eating smaller quantities of food and you will have made drastic changes to your weight and the new eating behavior will stay with you for life.

  11. To exercise or not?
    It is absolutely important - and we emphasize this - in order to maintain the weight results you gained from your oral HCG treatment after the first 21 days diet, it is also beneficial to implement a regular exercise routine to keep those pounds off.

  12. Will I loss muscle mass?
    With the help of the HCG Sublingual diet your body will adjust to a lower calories diet. Nevertheless, in other weight loss programs this few calories can results in a loss of muscle mass - those on HCG Sublingual diet, however, do not experience this side effect.

  13. What about my overall health?
    While shedding extra pounds of weight helps to improve the overall health of a person on the hCG Sublingual diet, researchers also believe it helps to normalize the cholesterol levels. Moreover, normalize the thyroid gland and balance the hormones while rebuilding the adrenaline glands.

  14. Will effect my mood?
    People on the oral HCG Sublingual diet routinely report experiencing less irritability and generally feeling in a better mood, having more restful sleep and feeling more energized while undergoing the therapy.

  15. What about HCG costs?
    When compared to other HCG diets on the market, most customers find Sublingual HCG diet to be inexpensive, convenient and highly effective. A lot of amazing testimonials confirm the fact that everyone who uses it loss weight and burn fat very well.

  16. How can I benefit by recommending it to others?
    It is awesome how people who uses the Sublingual HCG diet recommend it to others. In addition, customers are very happy with the amount of money leftover as their food expenses over compensate the therapy investment.

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Sublingual HCG serum AE-27

It is our expectation you enjoyed these 16 things you've always wanted to know about Sublingual HCG diet but were afraid to ask.

Now, you can complete your 2 HCG Phases of 21 days each, lose 1 to 3 pounds of weight and fat daily and most of all, recommend this Sublingual HCG diet to everyone.

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If Convinced with 16 Things About Sublingual HCG Diet...Why Not Start HCG Sublingual Diet Now!

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