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Buying HCG Online Dr. Simeons Weight Loss Protocol

Buying HCG Drops for Weight Loss

Never been so easy buying HCG now. The only thing you will need to do to start your HCG diet per Dr. Simeons weight loss protocol is to filling out the HCG medical form.

Once this form is completed you will receive an email confirmation. Then proceed to order the HCG phase of your choice.

The HCG diet we provide is the Sublingual HCG diet or oral HCG diet. The easiest one, using 4 drops twice a day under the tongue.

This new modified Dr. Simeons protocol works wonders with more than 95% absorption power of the human chorionic gonadotropin, which is quickly distributed all over your body.

This HCG diet procedure still requires to commit to the 500 very low calories daily consumption as described within Dr. Simeons "pounds and inches" manuscript.

The diet journey remain the same. You will complete 21 days diet continuously until you reach your weight loss desired goal.

Although it can be continued until you reach your final fat burning goal too. Which ever is better for you!

Buying Oral HCG Online

The oral Sublingual HCG diet we provide is basically two phases for weight loss and, another phase for keeping your new body and your weight of for life.

If you would like to proceed buying HCG online, just be sure to specify the HCG phase of the Sublingual diet you would like to do; whether for weight loss or just maintenance of your new weight.

For HCG phase 1 you you will be buying oral HCG serum. This phase 1 of HCG also include the HCG diet recipes book with more than 100 recipes with ready to do pre-calculated calories plate servings.

It has been designed to eliminate all your worries while managing the diet process. You only have to prepare the food and cook it as described within the HCG book.

buying HCG

Buying Oral HCG

As we know most other diets fail to helping you maintaining your weight loss permanently, we came out with a great new development.

For the HCG phase 2 which is also called HCG maintenance phase 2, you will be buying oral HCG maintenance system for keeping your weight of.

The beauty of this HCG maintenance phase is that works over your brain hypothalamus to establish a set point. Beyond which your weight will become permanent to you.

Together with this HCG maintenance phase you will also receive another digital book called "Clean and Healthy Eating for Life."

This HCG book will be your new guideline of the food you are allowed to eat and that you are not after the HCG diet is completed.

This system has been designed to protect your new body for life or new silhouette for life. The one you achieved at end of HCG phase 1.

If you are knowledgeable of the HCG diet and already know what it takes to do the whole process, you can get the 2 HCG phases altogether and get it delivered within one only order.

If you would like to save on shipping cost and are really serious to complete the whole HCG diet process, you may want to go over buying HCG Whole Complete Diet and save about $40+ in shipping costs.

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