Where Can I Purchase hCG

Can I Purchase HCG to Lose Weight?

Purchase hCG Diet To Dr. Simeons Protocol

Where can I purchase HCG now is what I was looking for until I realized the existence of sublingual HCG diet, which precisely follow Dr. Simeons weight loss protocol.

I was trying to do the HCG shots but thanks I found this information on time which helped me to decide on under the tongue diet treatment.

And there was a strong reason for this decision. I did not want injections because of the risk involved with HCG shots and the pricing.

If I can just place myself 4 drops under the tongue twice a day why then I will go over to make holes on my sking? For what I have learn about Dr. Simeon's protocol if the absorption power is about 97% I consider good enough to help me reduce the weight and burn the fat I need to get in good shape.

You may now understand my final decision to purchase HCG which is what I was looking for, besides get it delivered same day.

where can i purchase hcg

Can I Purchase HCG In 1 or 2 Phases?

To purchase HCG you don't need to create an account. You just click on the "Ad to Cart" button on Google Check Up and is ready to place the type and quantity of HCG diet phases you may need.

There are variations in weight loss to women and men. In general, if your interest is to drop 15 to 30 pounds, the recommendation is to do phase 1 of HCG diet for 21 days.

If more than 30 pounds is your purpose, then you may proceed to order double phases 1 HCG diet and do the diet for 42 days on the row.

Important thing is, once you complete any fase 1 HCG, you must continue with HCG maintenance phase 2 diet to maintain your weight reached at end of phase 1 HCG.

By experience, is the best recommendation for keeping your weight coming back against you over and over.

The maintenance phase 2 HCG it helps to re-program your brain hypothalamus in such a way that you don't gain more weight.

Both phases include a HCG diet recipes book. For the first one - HCG phase 1 - is a guideline to develop and run the phase 1 properly.

For the second one - HCG phase 2 maintenance - it helps you to learn the food list of things you could eat and those you may not.

The beauty of sublingual HCG diet is that it covers the weaknesses of most other diets. It provides great guidelines to accomplish the 21 days diet journey with easy.

So, click on the "Ad to Cart" button on Google Check Up. This is how I eliminated my worries about where can I purchase HCG. My final decision was to purchase HCG from here.

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