hCG Instructions

hCG Mixing Instructions

Mixing Instructions For hCG Sublingual

hCG instructions are very important to follow in order to obtain the correct hCG mixing.

Many people try the hCG diet and even do exercise and when they don't get fast results they assume it doesn't work and quit. That's very sad.

So why do some people fail to keep the weight off and enjoy the benefits of the hCG diet program cure? R= "They don't have the hCG maintenance diet!"

Everybody knows that 98% of dieters fail. But do you know exactly why does this happen? R= "They don't have correct hCG mixing instructions."

They forget "the clue" of the hCG protocol phases. The clue to success on the hCG mixing instructions is following the hCG maintenance diet or phase 2 hCG maintenance.

As mixing instructions for hCG preparation is important, we provide here clear instructions for hCG.

We have included this guide on how to prepare yourself to take the phase 1 of oral sublingual hCG and, phase 2 or hCG maintenance diet of the whole hCG weight loss program.

When You Buy the Phase 1
Or hCG Sublingual Diet

When you buy the hCG sublingual diet you will be provided with the following:

hCG Sublingual serum which includes the formula that will be mixed with the hCG powder. (Figure 1)

This bottle contains 20 ml. of solution and it doesn't need to be refrigerated until mixed with hCG powder.

hcg serum for hcg instructions

Figure 1.- hCG Serum

The hCG Sublingual Diet Program which contains the food allowed for 21 days. (Figure 2).

diet program for hcg mixing instructions

Figure 2.- The Diet Program

A blue bottle cover which allow you to introduce the oral applicator easily for daily doses. (Figure 3).

bottle cover for hcg mixing instructions

Figure 3.- Bottle cover

An oral applicator that fit exactly with the blue cover above. You will need to take 0.22 ml. twice a day.

One in the morning 30 minutes before any meal and one in the evening after dinner. (Figure 4).

hcg oral applicator

Figure 4.- Oral applicator

One (1) seringe just to use it to introduce the hCG mix into the hCG sublingual. (Figure 5)

hcg seringe

Figure 5.- hCG Seringe

When You Buy the Phase 2
Or hCG Maintenance Diet

When you buy the hCG Maintenance Diet Program you will be provided with the following:

The phase 2 hCG maintenance or hCG Maintenance Diet Program containing the food allowed and not allowed for 21 days. (Figure 6)

Figure 6.- The Diet Program

21 Days supplies of the hCG Maintenance Program containing vitamins, herbs and minerals that will help to reset your hypothalamus and maintain your new weight. (Figure 7).

hcg maintenance diet 21 days supplies

Figure 7.- 21 Days Supplies Vitamins, Herbs and Minerals

When buying the hCG Mix from the hcgweighlossdiets.com you will receive the following:

1 unit of Sodium Chloride that will be extracted with a seringe and introduced in the hCG mix to dissolve. Just follow hCG instructions. (Figure 8).

sterile sodium chloride

Figure 8.- 1 Unit of Sodium Chloride

1 unit of hCG powder.

Insert the sodium chloride liquid (Figure 8) into this bottle (Figure 9) using the seringe (Figure 5).

After that, following hCG instructions you will extract the mix with the same seringe and insert it in the hCG Serum bottle provided (Figure 1).

hcg powder

human chorionic gonadotropin hormone

Figure 9.- hCG Powder

Final hCG Instructions

Please, read this final hCG instructions carefully and verify the small details.

This hCG instructions for mixing are extremely important for correctly hCG mixing and securing weight loss success and fat burn during your whole hCG diet program journey of 42 days.

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