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hCG Diet Advisor, Issue #006 -- Here is your Sixth HCG Advise!
December 20, 2009

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"HCG Diet has the power to make your dream of a lifetime figure come true"

Everything in HCG Diet Starts With a Great Story...

And we want to share it with you!!!

While reviewing customer's voicemails yesterday, I decided to call the last customer registered. The phone rang, and she answered.

Her name was Maria. Please note that we will not use her real name for privacy reasons.

Maria identified herself as someone interested in buying the HCG Sublingual Diet and had several questions. This is an amazing story! Please keep reading…

This Is How the HCG Story Goes

Maria said "I would like to buy the HCG Sublingual Diet but before ordering it I want to hear from you if this really works. I have spent a lot of money already in products that claim the same results and I just want to make sure this product is real."

Then, I began explaining her why this HCG diet is very effective step by step. I defined HCG and how this hormone make the locked body fat all around the body available as a fuel, transforming body contours and building a new figure for life.

In addition, I explained the different HCG phases and the expectations on each one.

I also referred her to the incredible HCG testimonials posted on the HCG website from customers all over the world; the most recent testimonial from a cage boxing fighter while on training in Thailand, and others from Panama, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and USA.

Maria listened and asked more questions. I enjoyed talking with her for about one hour. At the end of the conversation, she said something that shocked me!!!

"I'm really sorry, I have already purchased the HCG Sublingual diet and HCG Maintenance Diet but I wanted to hear from you if this was going to give me the results you claim in your website. I used to work for a company that sold a variety of weight loss products. I was a seller and I didn’t even believe on these, this was a marketing lie for all my ex-customers."

Maria also mentioned that she has gained a lot of weight and all the weight loss diet products that she has tried until today, had not given her good results.

She is getting married beginning of next year and she want to be in the best shape of her life. She started the HCG sublingual Diet just 3 days ago and she is shocked with the preliminary 12 pounds weight loss results.

I asked her to write her personal testimonial and submit her pictures so we can share it with all of you. We want to help people change their lives for good; this is our responsibility. I hope to be sharing her amazing testimonial with all of you soon.

But, in the mean time, I want to bring you some GREAT news...

HCG Diet Big Sale from Now Until Dec 25th, 2009 at Midnight! + "5 BONUSES"

I know you care about your loved ones and you want to give them a gift that they will remember forever. Here are the 5 offers...

OFFER #1: From NOW until December 25th at Midnight, Purchase any Phase 1 HCG Sublingual Diet for just $129.00!

Yes! It's true! Much more bonus...You Get the Digital FREE HCG Recipes BOOK with your order – No questions asked!

OFFER #2: Hold on! We have more bonuses for you. In addition, if you purchase the Whole HCG Sublingual Diet (Phase 1 and Phase 2), we will give you $50 OFF.

Yes! You can get the HCG Sublingual Diet and the HCG Maintenance Diet for just $249.00! What a great combination to save on shipping costs!

OFFER #3: If you want to learn what is the Digital HCG Recipes Book all about...just order it NOW for just $9.97!

Because many or our customers have requested, we will release this book in 2 new languages: Spanish and Portuguese. You will be the first to know.

Clean and Healthy Eating for Life

Of course while you keep learning about Clean and Healthy Eating for Life to build your dream figure, by getting these gift options you will be able to create the body you have always dreamed and start a new year.

Remember, this is only good from now until Friday, December 25th at midnight.

Be Sure to Keep your New Body For Life

All of those who already completed the Phase 1 Sublingual diet, there is one way that will help you to stop you from gaining the weight back for once.

This is by using the Phase 2 HCG Maintenance Diet to achieve the body model figure or silhouette of your dream.

OFFER #4: To those who already completed the Phase 1... Just from NOW until Dec 25th at Midnight, get $30 OFF of your Phase 2 HCG Maintenance for only $169.00!

Set fix your brain hypothalamus to keep your weight of. Take your decision and transform your LIFE NOW!

OFFER #5: BIG BONUS - FREE SHIPPING with all orders for US and Canada. Start spreading the word and take advantage of these amazing deals!! You deserve it.

You Should Never Ever Forget the HCG Diet Benefits

Here is a quick summary of the HCG diet benefits:

  • HCG sublingual formula combined with a very low 500 calorie diet tricks and reset your hypothalamus to liberate from 2000 to 4000 calories per day from the abnormal fat weight stores of your body.

  • HCG sublingual diet targets the abnormal fat - the fat you cannot lose with diet and exercise - and your skin retracts as you lose the fat, improving skin tenderness leaving zero hanging rolls.

  • HCG sublingual diet will make your body undergo some amazing transformations by losing fat and weight. Your body contour will actually change, decreasing its circumference and reprogramming itself making adjusting to its metabolic weight.

  • With the help of the HCG sublingual diet your body will adjust to a lower calories diet - while other weight loss programs this few calories can results in a loss of muscle mass - those on HCG sublingual diet, however, do not experience this side effect.

  • While shedding extra pounds of weight helps to improve the overall health of a person on the HCG diet, researchers also believe it helps to normalize the cholesterol levels, to normalize the thyroid gland and to balance the hormones while rebuilding the adrenaline glands.

Your Intelligent Decision Should Be Now!

Click here to see all the details of rapid fat burn and weight loss diet and to start spreading hope and cheer to those who need it most. Or, put yourself on track for the success you deserve in 2010.

Act wise, Your HCG Diet's on its way...

*** Offer ends FRIDAY December 25th at Midnight ***

PS: Hurry! Take advantage of this irresistible offer. With the new HCG Diet Recipes Book you will also learn how to cook and how to prepare yourself healthy and clean foods for life!

"HCG diets has the power to make your dream figure come true."

To your new future of weight loss success,

Marketing & Sales Dept.
HCG Weight Loss Diets
Quality Life Global, Inc., Logan, UT 84341
Phone (888) 978-7874

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