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hCG Diet Advisor, Issue #011 -- Here is your Eleventh HCG Advise!
April 02, 2010

"Give Me 21 Days - And I'll Give You The Most Amazing Body Silhouette You Ever Dream"

Please, Read Only If You Are Still Undecided!

What Sublingual HCG Diet Can Do For You

Ever since we started this company 1 year ago, I dreamed of the day I could offer those that suffer from obesity or overweight problems, the inside secret of building a beautiful body figure for life.

After working with many athletes, I had the opportunity to help Denisse to achieve the body of her dreams. Since then, many new success stories have come from following her example HCG sublingual testimonial.

By now, we have help people all over the world to feel great satisfaction by achieving the body of their dreams.

You also will immediately achieve the body of your dreams by first submitting your HCG medical profile and second getting your Whole Complete hCG Diet TODAY.

In just 21 days you will experience the results that no other diet can offer. You will dramatically increase your health, the biggest source for a fulfilling long life span.

By using the hCG Weight loss program you will be able to reduce the risk of having these problems:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Osteoarthritis
  3. High cholesterol and triglycerides
  4. Type 2 diabetes
  5. Coronary heart disease
  6. Stroke
  7. Gallbladder disease
  8. Sleep apnea and other breathing problems
  9. Some cancers (such as endometrial, breast, and colon).

How The Sublingual HCG Diet Works?

Modern studies have been able to conclude that sublingual hCG can be absorbed at about the same rate as injection methods: sublingual hCG up to 95%.

If an hCG sublingual form is chosen, you just need to mix the hCG white powder contained in the ampoule with the hCG sublingual serum AE-27 provided with our weight loss formula.

hCG powder mixed with sublingual serum AE-27 is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the rich layers of blood vessels found on the bottom of the tongue and weight loss results from the diet are superior.

Peak blood levels of most products administered sublingually are achieved within 10-15 minutes, which is generally much faster than when those same drugs are ingested orally. No needles, no infection; just pure hCG weight loss ahead.

With our hCG sublingual serum, you just need to take a doses twice per day and the only requirement is that once mixed with hCG, you need to keep it refrigerated.

There is a lot of confusion out there about how the HCG oral diet works. Please, listen to our video presentation to learn real facts about what oral HCG diet really do to your body.

Is There Anything Holding You To Take The Next Step?

I have confidence in our special Sublingual HCG Diet services and its potential to transform new bodies for life. The use of the $9.97 HCG Diet Recipes Book which other companies sale by more than 39 dollars has facilitated the results that all our customers get out of the hCG Weight loss program.

When you use the hCG Serum under the tongue, sublingual phase 1 you may be able to lose 20 to 40 pounds in just 21 days diet. By using the maintenance phase 2 diet you will be able to maintain the body profile you achieved. What else can we offer?

Fulfilling the dreams to all of you is our specific mission and we have accomplished it with great success to our thousands of subscribers!

How Can We Be Of Better Help?

Denisse requested me if I can provide an irresistible offer to all our subscribers and those who filled out the HCG medical profile. Simply, by providing them the best deal in pricing that could not be rejected in any way.

If this is not suitable for you, then you only have lost a couple of minutes of your time. But what if this is suitable to you?

Considering Denisse request, I wanted the highest possible number of subscribers to the HCG Diet Advisor Newsletter to take part in the action to achieve the best body of their dreams. So, we came out with this incredible offer...

It has been said over and over again...obese people are the last acceptable targets of discrimination! Are you sufficiently fired up to make an honest effort to lose fat?

You are 45 seconds away from the most amazingly effective hCG weight loss opportunity to save thousands of dollars with the pain-free, easiest way to gradually loss your weight from 1 to 3 pounds per day.

If you decide to take action in the next following 5 days (from now on until Midnight PST Tuesday, April 6th!) you will get FREE shipping to all oral HCG drops for weight loss orders within the US and Canada. That's a saving of 30 to 40 dollars on the spot!

"HCG diets has the power to make your dream figure come true."

Yours sincerely,

Marketing & Sales Dept.
HCG Weight Loss Diets
Quality Life Global, Inc., Logan, UT 84341
Phone (888) 978-7874

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