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hCG Diet Advisor, Issue #008 -- Here is your Eighth HCG Advise!
December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions

"Top New Years Resolutions"

New Years Lose Weight Resolutions for 2010

The New Year resolutions is a time for our personal resolutions and one very popular and attainable is losing weight.

Statistics shows that only 20 percent of people keep their weight loss resolutions each year.

Let me ask many pounds do you want to lose in new year 2010? If your answer is from 5 to 100+ pounds, let me help you set your goal first.

For example, very often many people have a goal of losing weight and is so simply. Let's say, "I want to lose a few pounds" and nothing further is done.

My new years resolutions suggestion is to set a specific date and how many pounds you want to lose. For example "I will lose 20 pounds by January 30th of 2010."

This is possible with the amazing hCG Sublingual Diet Program from QLG which is commited to help you reach your new weight loss New Year resolution for 2010.

HCG Diet New Year Resolutions Sale from Now Until Sunday Jan 10 2010 at Midnight! + REWARDS

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If you just want kick start your top new years resolutions and to learn what is the hCG Recipes Book all can order it NOW for just $9.97.

Remember, this is only good from now until Sunday January 10 at midnight.

Ensure Keeping Your Body For Life as your Main New Years Resolution

To all of those who already completed the Phase 1 sublingual diet, there is one way that will help you stop you gaining the weight back for once.

This is by using the Phase 2 HCG Maintenance Diet to achieve the figure of your dream. Just from NOW until Sunday January 10 at Midnight, get $30 OFF of your Phase 2 HCG Maintenance for only $169.

Yes, this is so simple, GET $20 OFF with any purchase of HCG PHASE 1, $30 OFF on any purchase of HCG PHASE 2 or on the COMPLETE HCG - WHOLE HCG DIET


If this is what you were waiting for then you got it! Tell your friends about this amazing HCG Sublingual diet and GET $25 for any purchase they make on ANY HCG DIET PRODUCT.

How many of your friends want to lose weight? Yes, tell them about it so they can reach their New Year Resolution Goals.

"HCG diets has the power to make your dream figure come true."

To your new future of weight loss success,

Marketing & Sales Dept.
HCG Weight Loss Diets
Quality Life Global, Inc., Logan, UT 84341
Phone (888) 978-7874

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